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City of London

School for girls

Travelling to City

We realise that travelling to City may be one of the main worries for families applying here. At City, we try to ensure that the journey to school is stress-free for all involved!


Under the current situation with respect to Covid-19 we are afraid that, reluctantly, we will not be able to offer a travel buddy scheme to new starters in September 2020. We are sorry if this causes you difficulties, but please do get in touch with us at if you need to discuss this with us. 


For girls entering year 3 and 7, the classes and houses are arranged principally by postcode so that you will be with girls who live and travel from a similar area. We hope this will help you to settle in well and to make good friends who live nearby.


We are of course aware that there will sometimes be disruption or strike action which results in a difficult journey to school. Please do not worry about this as we are certainly used to it!

Communication is sent out to parents if we know strike action is planned (we may send girls home slightly earlier if there is a full tube strike, for example, so that they avoid the rush hour chaos). Our receptionist also checks the TfL updates each morning so that we know if there is disruption and can warn the form tutors that some girls will be late to school.


The girls at City come from all over London, and there are girls in each year group from North, South, East and West London. Our catchment area will also increase in the coming years with the introduction of the Crossrail routes. The map below should give you a good idea of the wide ranging locations of our current girls.


Private coach services (organised by parents) are available from around London to school in the mornings and returning in the afternoon.

Routes do vary from year to year.

For more information please contact

 ​​Please note that these services are arranged privately between CLSG parents and the service providers, and are not run in any way for or by the school.