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City of London

School for girls

The students themselves and the strong international ethos at City of London School for Girls truly reflect multi-cultural London. Our newly implemented International Policy  confirms our commitment to providing opportunities for the girls to engage with students worldwide to expose them to different social, cultural and educational experiences.

Language Study

All students in Year 7 choose two from the four language options, French, German, Spanish and Chinese; Italian is offered as enrichment for native speakers and as an additional GCSE for committed linguists in the Sixth Form. All students in the Preparatory department of the school study each of the four languages for a year each and revisit French in Year 6. All languages offer international trips and exchanges, with Sixth Formers able to undertake work experience or voluntary work in countries where the language(s) they study is spoken.

Cultural exchanges, trips and links

We have well established language and cultural exchanges with schools in France, Germany, Spain and Beijing. It is expected and that every student will participate in an international visit at some point in their school career. We are proud of the fact that our international visits are cross-departmental in many cases and this is becoming increasingly so, for example: in February 2015 the geography and classics departments took a group of Year 7 students to Italy (Herculaneum, Pompeii, Oplontis, Vesuvius and Solfatara). In October 2015  Italian and Religion, Philosophy and Ethics students took a trip to Rome and there are plans to develop this initiative.. U2 students in the Prep will travel to France in February 2016 to study World War II. We have also created links with a Dutch organisation, Niños de Guatemala, which enabled eighteen Sixth Form Spanish students to travel to Guatemala for a two-week period in October 2015 to complete charity community work and linguistic immersion and tuition. This was a joint venture with our charities department, Mission, and we hope to develop this link further in subsequent years.

Other visits, many of which are annual or bi-annual, take place to: France, Germany, Spain, China, Iceland, Norway, Greece, Switzerland and USA. Last year we developed an exchange programme with an Australian school whereby two students came to CLSG for a month, completing a curriculum-based programme of study with us as well as having outreach time for cultural visits. Two of our students will be making a return visit to Sydney in the summer.

Curriculum-based activities

The Global Perspectives course is taught to all Year 10 and Year 11 students. This explores human rights, international relations and global poverty, presenting them in the context of different countries and developing greater understanding through debates, mock press conferences, international news reports online and speakers. International week is also a feature of the academic year for Prep students.

In addition to international themes studied in many curriculum areas, the Spanish department is highly active in the British Council eTwinning programme. In 2015, our project FUSE (France, Ukraine, Spain, UK), based on MFL and Music skills won in the category of projects involving a school from Eastern Partnership Countries, age 12-19 category. We have started a new project with a school in Santiago de Compostela for the current academic year crossing the subjects of Spanish, English, History and Drama. We are also now enrolled on the newly implemented Achievers International Enterprise programme and are very excited about having been partnered with a school in India. We will be starting an international trade project with them.


School Mission fundraising for charities such as Mercy Ships (hospital ships for West Africa), Street Child (based in Sierra Leone) and Niños de Guatemala also raise awareness of the challenges faced by individuals across the world.

Extra-Curricular activities and higher education

We are proud of the fact that our extra-curricular activities demonstrate a range of international opportunities for our students, namely: Afro-Caribbean Society, Amnesty International, Anime Club, Asian Society, German Film Club, Spanish Film Club and Italian Club. Furthermore, on the 6th October 2015 we were host to a Study Overseas event meeting representatives from top universities from The Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway and USA. Our University Leavers’ destinations of the past few years include: Amsterdam University, NYU Gallatin, Columbia, Rhode Island School of Design and China (TEFL).