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City of London

School for girls

exam results

A-Level Results

We are delighted to report another successful year of A-level results, with over two-thirds of the group achieving at least one A*.
There were fantastic results in Modern Foreign Languages with 33% A* grades, compared to a national average of approximately 8.2%. In the combined Science subjects, there was an impressive average of 94% A*-B grades awarded. 100% of pupils received an A* or A grade in Design Technology, as has been the case for the past 6 years. Maths results were also excellent, with 87% A*-A. English results were equally impressive, with over half of the pupils achieving A*s. Fine Art grades were awarded an outstanding 77% A*s.

"The girls continue to impress us all with their determination and the pride they take in their work. Their results show us what inspiring teaching coupled with a genuine thirst for learning can achieve. I am very grateful to staff for everything they have done for the girls. We are delighted that so many of the girls will now continue to pursue their academic interests at the universities of their choice. We know that CLSG has prepared them fantastically well to be life-long learners and to face up confidently to any challenges ahead.”
Mrs Ena Harrop, Headmistress

“Although I am extremely pleased with my three A*s, what I will take away from City most of all is how supported I felt at the school. I have felt valued not only academically but also personally, and without this I would not have been able to achieve these results. The teachers and pupils at City enabled me to thrive.”  Ellie Arnold

“The support of friends and staff at CLSG has pulled me through a difficult few years. Thank you so much CLSG for helping me secure three A*s and my dream place at Oxford University.” Alannah Burns

“I am thrilled with my results and really happy that everyone’s work has paid off. It will be sad to leave City after 11 years but I am really excited about moving on to university next year and studying the subject I enjoy most.” Jennifer Griggs

GCSE Results

Students at City of London School for Girls are celebrating another outstanding year of GCSE results. An impressive 78% of grades were awarded an A*, and 95% of all grades were A*-A grades.

Almost half of the pupils achieved 10 A*s or more, highlighting the dedication and individual successes of the girls. One student was awarded a remarkable 12 A*s, with approximately a third of the cohort achieving A*s in all their subjects.

Girls attained particularly pleasing results in Modern Foreign Languages, with an average of 93% of pupils achieving A* grades across the six languages. Over the science subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) there was a fantastic average of over 88% A*-A.

87% A* grades were achieved in English Literature, with similarly remarkable results in History and Music, with 82% and 85% A* grades awarded respectively.

“City girls have once again done fantastically well in their GCSE exams this year. Their results are a testament to their commitment and hard work and to the excellent teaching and pastoral care they have received. That so many of the girls have achieved such outstanding results while also excelling in their extra-curricular pursuits is even more impressive. We look forward to welcoming them back in September, ready to embark on their Sixth Form studies.” Mrs Ena Harrop, Headmistress

“I am so happy with my results this year, I’m over the moon! I would like to thank all my teachers and I am looking forward to spending the next two years at City.”  
Caroline Hug

“I am really pleased with my results and I appreciate everything my teachers have done to support me, My time at City has provided me with a variety of skills to assist me with future learning.”
Roxy Brill

Congratulations to all pupils on their hard work and determination!