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iGEM Competition 2019

iGEM Competition 2019

City Boys have competed since 2015 - can you help us compete for the first time this year?

We are a team of 40 students from CLSG and CLS who are planning to enter the iGEM competition which is taking place in October 2019. We've put together a research project and now need your help to fundraise in order to enter and attend the competition. 

Students at City of London School have been able to take part in this renowned competition since 2015, but this year marks the introduction of City of London School for Girls into the competition as CLSG continues to emphasise the importance of women in STEM and encourage young girls to pursue careers in such fields.

iGEM is a genetic engineering competition, aimed at undergraduate students, with teams coming from universities such as Oxford, Imperial, Yale and Stanford. As a result, City students will be taking part in very new and challenging areas of research. The idea of the competition is to give students the opportunity to solve real-life problems through the use of synthetic biology and the modifying of bacteria.

We are holding an event on the 11th April 2019 from 6pm to 7:30pm at CLSG in the Committee Room where we will be presenting our idea in more detail and giving information on how to become a sponsor. To book a place at the event please contact Sue Farnsworth in the Development Office who is helping us to co ordinate this event

Kind regards,


Taybah Crorie, Year 12, Head of Mathematical Modelling
Matilda Black, Year 12, Head of Human Practices 
Louis Gringras, Year 11, Head of Fundraising
Pulkit Malhotra, Year 12, Head of Fundraising