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City of London

School for girls

As part of the opportunities offered to girls at City, leadership and coaching is something that we develop in the Senior School, allowing girls to give back to the school community and share their knowledge and expertise with younger girls.

We are thrilled this year that girls were interested in taking on positions of responsibility within the PE department.

Congratulations to the 2015/2016 Sports Captains:

St. Bride: Nysa Harrowell Daniels and Dandy Doherty

Fleet: CiCi Whitcombe and Nuria Yagoubi

Tudor: Ellie Wilkins and Beth Potter

Ward: Ume Smith and Amba Coombe

These girls have already made an excellent first impression and have been helping with numerous sports clubs, including prep gymnastics, rounders and running a volleyball club.

We also interviewed Sixth Form girls to make up our 2015/2016 Sports Committee and are thrilled to appoint the following girls.

Chairperson – Chloe Taylor
Deputy Chairs – Kit Shirley and Sim Sohanpal
Committee members – Lorna Hunter, Xenia Mainelli, Celeste Foster, Katie Edge, Annie Gunn and Georgia Stimpson