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City of London

School for girls

New Starter Information

We really look forward to welcoming you here in September. Starting a new school can be daunting, but we hope we can help you to settle in straight away and to get everything sorted out in good time to minimise any last-minute panic before September!


This is a chance for you to meet staff and current pupils, meet your new classmates, ask questions, and find out lots of information about life at City.

YEAR 3 WELCOME  -  Wednesday  24 June  2020 - (Time to be confirmed)

YEAR 7  WELCOME -   Friday 26 June 2020  - (Time to be confirmed)

YEAR 12  WELCOME -  Monday 22 June 2020  - (Time to be confirmed)

CLSG FRIENDS' PICNIC Years 3 and 7   TBC  location Highbury Fields
INDUCTION DAY Wednesday 2 September 2020 for Years 3, 7, 12 and 13


Year 3, Year 7,  Year 12 and   Occasional Place Admissions

Ahead of starting with us in September we will require some key information on our incoming students.

We will be sending you emails with information to complete in the coming months.  This collection of information will  relate to catering, medical details, residency status, school fees, music, after school club, Friends, CLOGA (City of London Old Girls' Association) and uniform etc. 

Senior School uses biometric information in the form of fingerprint recognition as part of an automated biometric recognition system for pupils to record lunches taken or items purchased from the vending machines and to gain access into School buildings / borrow materials and resources from the School library.  

CATERING  for Year 7 and Year 12 starters only (- in Year 3 lunches are included in the school fees)

Girls can either bring their own lunch and snacks to eat in school or purchase food from our school restaurant. As a rough guide it is recommended that girls have £250-£300 on their cards per term. This should certainly cover lunch and one or two snacks a day per term. Any extra money can then be carried forward to the following term. Often, parents will set limits of £4 or £5 per day, to cover both food and snacks, but I’m sure your daughter will be able to advise you on this! Our Catering team also often hold special themed food days.

SCHOOL FEES (all year groups)

The usual annual increase for the school fees has not been applied due to the current circumstances, fees for 2020-21 are £6,404 per term (including school lunches and snacks for Prep). 


For girls who are full bursary holders, you will receive reimbursement for the following costs -
Uniform - up to £500 for initial costs
Travel - up to £350 per annum (approximately 50% of the cost of a zone 1-3 travel card)
Compulsory curriculum school trips - assistance available on request
You will receive a form over the summer to claim the costs but please do keep receipts in the meantime.


All new starters will be sent a link to complete a form for Music lessons should you wish your daughter to have individual music lessons at City. 

The Department is keen to encourage endangered species and we can offer loan instruments at no cost for girls wishing to learn French Horn or Bassoon. For those already learning violin (and achieved Grade 5, ABRSM or Trinity) they can request to join 'Viola Club' if they wish to have a trial learning viola for a term.


Below are the procedures for leaving school, details of the After School Club and a form . If your daughter would like to join the After School Club on a regular basis, please send an email to to let the finance department know.  Each term a charge of £193 will then be added to your bill. If she will only use the club occasionally there is no need to sign up as the charge of £5 per use will be added to your school fee bill.
Prep end of day arrangements

FRIENDS OF CLSG  (Year 3 and Year 7 starters only)

Friends of CLSG is a Membership body for Parents of students at the school, its role is to support the school, arrange social events and provide ad hoc advice when necessary.  There is a separate group for Prep school Parents.

Details and  a Welcome  letter from the Friends of CLSG, will be sent in the coming months to all new Parents.

CLOGA (all year groups)

CLOGA is  City of London Old Girls' Association,  there is a small subscription charge which is optional.



Due to the current situation with Covid-19, we will be adopting a relaxed school uniform policy.  More information on this will be provided to you in due course.  

Our school uniform can be ordered directly from Information on how to place your order, and a full price list can be found here.  A full uniform list can also be downloaded at the bottom of the page. Please note that the school is prepared to accept reasonable adjustments to the uniform requirements for individual pupils based on religious reasons or disabilities.

There are also several second hand uniform sales organised by the Friends of CLSG throughout the year. The dates for these will be confirmed once they are set.


BOOK IDEAS (Year 7 only)

Below are book ideas for new Year 7 girls. This is certainly not a reading list that you have to work through over the summer! It merely offers some suggestions if you are stuck for ideas.
Book Ideas

SUMMER READING (Year 12 only)

After your GCSE exams and over the summer, the most important thing is for you to relax, chill out and have an enjoyable summer holiday! We are not expecting you to do vast amounts of work before beginning in September, but it will be helpful for you to keep up with some subject specific reading ready for beginning your A levels, especially if you are beginning a new subject such as Economics or Government and Politics. All new Year 12 girls will receive information at the Welcome Morning from Head of Sixth Form.


All new Year 12 girls are expected to bring along one device, for example a laptop or tablet, to lessons. This device will be registered at the school and connected to the school's wireless network. If you do not have your own mobile device then please contact and we can look into the possibility of lending a school device.