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City of London

School for girls

Continued Professional Development

CLSG aims to recruit the highest calibre of staff across all the areas of the school in order to ensure the best possible experience for its pupils. Staff at CLSG invariable work with a professional, committed and enthusiastic attitude. At the same time, staff learning is seen as a strategic priority for the school. We provide a broad range of opportunities for staff to continue their own life-long learning by investing in training and support tailored to the needs of both the individual and the whole school.  There is a comprehensive INSET training programme and generous professional development budget, to encourage continuous learning.

We believe that teacher’s learning is best when it is structured in a way that makes it collaborative and focused on sharing and exploring best practice through meaningful enquiry. Our approach to professional learning communities has been developed in collaboration with Kings College London and is now embedded as the main source of pedagogical development. All members of the teaching staff are members of a professional learning group, where they commit to trying out new ideas over an agreed timeframe and carry out mutual observations.  Such an open and collaborative approach to developing their own practice has been shown to have the biggest impact on classroom practice, teachers’ thinking and ultimately outcomes for pupils.  A Researcher in Residence is on hand to offer guidance and support to teachers and to help the school community keep abreast of all the current pedagogy and its associated research. The first CLSG Research and Learn magazine was published in 2018, which contains a summary of the findings of some of the projects that staff have been involved with.

In school training covers a comprehensive range of issues on a regular basis and focuses on pedagogical, technological, professional and pastoral aspects. There is a generous INSET budget for regular, one-day external courses.  In addition, the School provides financial support for staff seeking to undertake more substantial courses of study that are of benefit to the School as well as to the member of staff. The school is also fully committed to research and supports  up to 5 members of staff every year who wish to  undertake  a Masters in Education.

Finally, there are further opportunities for staff within our various school partnerships. As part of the East London Consortium, staff have access to a range of opportunities to take part in regular TeachMeet events as well as training for aspiring leaders. In addition, we are often asked to provide professional advice and support in specific areas to other local schools and this allows our staff to develop their expertise further. 

Newly Qualified Teachers:
The School is fully accredited to participate in the IStip NQT Induction Programme in order to provide qualified teacher status. Teachers receive a 10% period remission in their NQT year to facilitate mentor sessions, training and preparation.

Applicants new to teaching:
The School is fully committed to initial teacher training and has supported members of staff undertaking a Post Graduate Certificate in Education with qualified teacher status through Buckingham University whilst working at the School. We also work in partnership with a range of Higher Education Institutions offering placements to their PCGE students at the school.

A comprehensive induction programme is led by the Deputy Head (Staff), with sessions running throughout the year for all new joiners. The School supports new teachers by providing extensive feedback through lesson observations, coaching and individual meetings. In addition to a new staff induction day in July, training sessions focus on pastoral care, monitoring progress, assessment for learning, mobile technologies and career progression including performance management.

Performance Management:
Teachers have an annual performance appraisal review with their Head of Department/line manager.  The performance appraisal is one of many tools used as part of the school’s approach to performance management.  Such an approach ensures all staff have regular opportunities to discuss career development and receive detailed feedback on their performance.

Career Progression:
Comprehensive induction and supportive performance management has enabled the school to embrace a culture of career progression within CLSG. Teachers are encouraged to take on additional responsibility and there are significant opportunities for internal promotion across a range of positions. For example, the Head of Senior School became the Deputy Head (Staff), and The Head of History began his career as an NQT and has progressed to Head of Department.  

Staff have also been able to apply successfully for promotions outside the school. The three previous Deputy Heads Academic and the previous Deputy Head of Prep have all secured headships in other comparable leading schools. Staff turnover is a healthy balance of teachers staying at the school to further their careers and using the School as a springboard to new opportunities.

If you are interested in working for us, please check our Vacancies section.