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City of London

School for girls

Celebrating Culture Week

As the Head Girl Team, educating people about and celebrating culture was a goal of Tilda, Harriet and mine from the beginning of the school year. 

There is so much culture within our school, but not necessarily the space to see and to understand it. Hence, 'Culture Week' was born. With various meetings, volunteers and ideas, a committee was formed. Together we made a week-long programme, focusing on a continent each day with the Friday reserved to highlight unity and diversity. 
Naturally, our plans were hindered quite abruptly by the lockdown but there was no reason to waste all of the hard work the Culture Week volunteers had done. The plans required a bit of rethinking, but we ended up with the finished product of an informative daily read-me for each continent, seven music playlists, two dance tutorials and a croissant making tutorial from Chemistry Teacher Mr Aldridge.

There was also a carefully curated book list by continent from our Librarian, Mrs Trevor (highlighting POC authors), an expert selection of continent-by-continent recipes from James, our catering manager, and a language teaching segment called Learn a Language in a Minute where our school community were able to briefly teach a language that they knew. 

In particular, I would like to thank Dorothy who worked with me everyday this week to make each file I sent her 10 times more attractive. An enormous thank you and well done to all the students and staff involved - it's incredibly inspiring how much can be achieved together online.

Livina, Deputy Head Girl