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Sixth formers volunteer during lockdown

18-24 May is Mental Health Awareness Week, and this year's theme is kindness. Our wonderful Sixth Formers have been continuing to demonstrate their community spirit and care for others by undertaking a range of volunteering activities in lockdown.

You can read a few examples of what they have been up to below.

"The volunteering that I was doing with KEEN London before we left school (volunteering with children with disabilities), now has an online session every two weeks. We meet through Zoom and run activities such a talent show or a group workout. It is definitely the part of the week that I look forward to the most."
Anna, Year 12

"My sisters and I have started delivering food packages around London with a charity called Dare to Care. People need help more than ever now and it’s really nice to be able to help a little bit."
Evie, Year 13

"I’m teaching a Year 3 girl her Maths curriculum for 1-2 hours every day. We figured out pretty early on that she learns visually which is why she struggles in class, so now we incorporate art and making to help her understand concepts. Her confidence has grown massively and it’s really lovely to see! :)"
Amanda, Year 13

"My sisters and I volunteer weekly at a youth centre that is helping provide meals to families who are part of the community. We sort and pack the bags with food that provide a meal for each family member. Unfortunately the youth centre can only manage to do this once a week but are growing their online presence to keep that comforting sense of community."
Matilda, Year 13

"I’ve been doing some tutoring for the fantastic charity Team Up. At the moment, it’s partnered with West London Zone, which supports disadvantaged children. I’m tutoring a Year 5 girl, who struggles with basic Maths skills. It’s always a fulfilling and mind-opening experience, but especially given the news briefings on how school closures will widen the education gap, the work of this charity seems especially important now."
Sibby, Year 13

"I have been volunteering with The Felix Project, before and during the lockdown, as now more than ever, food banks and charities are in need of food. The Felix Project aims to distribute food that would have otherwise been wasted and its been amazing to see how adaptable the charity has become, delivering food to new hubs and seeing new runs created with precooked meals from restaurants. Initially, there was concern about where our supply was going to come from as the majority of the donations are from supermarkets, but then we received deliveries from restaurants and from unusual places such as Tottenham football club, whose matches had been cancelled. I have thoroughly enjoyed my weekly shifts and only wish I could spend more time helping out." 
Gemma, Year 12