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Year 11 Trip to the Troy Exhibition

On Monday 3 February, Year 11 took a trip to the British Museum to see the critically acclaimed Troy exhibition. Because a central part of our GCSE Latin literature course is studying the works of Virgil, this exhibition proved most useful and fascinating in helping us deepen our contextual knowledge around the Trojan War.

The Classical World has been heavily divided for centuries over the specifics of the Trojan war and its heroes, namely figures such as Achilles and Odysessus, so it was interesting to see that many of the works of art and literature on display reflected different interpretations about the line between Heroism and Morality.

Another main part of the exhibition revolved around the treatment of women and whether the infamous Helen of Troy, the face that launched a thousand ships, went willingly with Paris or whether she felt she had no choice. Different depictions of this elopement, or arguably, abduction, divided us as a group and raised questions about female independence during the Classical Era. All in all, it was a truly illuminating trip that not only consolidated what we had been learning in class, but gave us a greater knowledge of one of the most famous conflicts in history.

Stella and Alara, Year 11