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International Week of Languages: Year 7 challenge

As part of our celebration of the International Week of Languages, all pupils in Year 7 took part in a linguistics challenge. Working in teams, the students had to solve a series of problems in languages that they might not have come across before. The pupils also marked places on a map of the world to show the languages they speak, and the countries that their families come from.

The first round of the challenge was picture round involving 'Maori loan words' - words that have been borrowed from English and adapted to fit the sounds of Te Re Maori. Why not have a go yourself? The next round was a relay, involving increasingly difficult problems in languages ranging from Korean to Braille. Students had to race to solve as many problems as they could in the given time. 

In the end, the points were added up and certificates were given to the top scorers.Well done to Year 7 for putting so much effort into the challenge!

Mr Aldridge, Chemistry Teacher & International Coordinator