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VEX robotics finals triumph!

Last week, four of our robotics teams headed to Telford for the UK National Championships for VEX Robotics and VEX IQ Competitions, where they competed against over 100 teams from schools across the United Kingdom. 

Representing us in the VEX IQ Competition were the winners of the City of London Invitational Event, Trial and Error (Sasha, Lily, Emily, Enno, Yilu and Anni) and Purple Hedgehog Pigs (Gwenny, Sara, Ada, Mila and Saskia). Each team competed in 10 matches and both teams bettered their previous scores. The Purple Hedgehog Pigs demonstrated boundless passion and energy throughout the competition. The judges recognised the team’s passion for competition, teamwork and robotics, rewarding them with the Energy Award. Trial and Error worked hard during the two-day the tournament and were continually working on their robot, trying new ideas and designs to improve its’ performance. Their determination, hard work and engineering skills were recognised by the judging team through the receipt of the Judges’ Award. 

In the Senior VRC Competition, Tower Takeover, Ctrl Robot and ROMA represented the school. Ctrl Robot (Safiyya, Malaika, Nishka, Kobika and Sainica) had attempted a sophisticated tray design with an intake channel, but suffered technical issues, which meant that the robot did not always function at its full potential. However, the team battled through the qualifiers before being knocked out in Round 16, losing to the eventual semi-finalists. 

Meanwhile, ROMA (Rujula, Livvy, Millie and Agnes) were competing in their second competition, having built their robot in two weeks and qualifying for the National Championships through their performance in Driving Skills. ROMA worked hard through the tournament, and though their robot was less sophisticated than some, this was offset by its reliability and some aggressive driving. After the qualifiers, ROMA were ranked 13th, with a highly respectable 50% win ratio. They proceeded through the qualifiers, but were knocked out in the quarter finals, beaten by the eventual divisional winners. This was a great performance by ROMA, and their excellent teamwork, enthusiasm and tenacious driving saw them rewarded with the competition’s Energy Award. 

The tournament marked the end of the robotics season for all our teams, who are now awaiting the announcement of the new challenge for next season.

Dr. Phelps, Teacher of Physics