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City of London

School for girls

Finding connections: collaborative Year 8 independent learning project

A unique collaboration between English, Music and the Library enabled Year 8 pupils to spend all of Thursday finding connections between Sylvia Plath' s short story Superman, Paula Brown's New Snowsuit, and contemporary instrumental music that illustrated the themes and ideas of the text. Students also completed a FOSIL research journal and had to devise a playlist, as well as create a video of a reading of part of the text with a musical example. 

The winning entries will be available in the school library in due course, and we will be collating a full display of the work. The judges were impressed by the use of language and creativity as well as group work. It was a wonderful team day for Year 8 and for staff working across departments. Thanks to Dr Berryman for his work and to Ms Nicholl for her help.

Ms Heidensohn and Mrs Trevor
English Teacher, Partnership & Research Projects; Librarian