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Biology Students Visit Nobel Prize Winning Lab

During half term, three biology students spent a day at the Target Discovery Lab in Oxford, a Nobel Prize winning lab, researching the role of hypoxia in cancer.

After a long journey from London to Oxford, we were immediately immersed into the lab work. Once we were geared up with lab coats, goggles and shoe covers, we were ready to face the animal house. This was our first insight into in vivo testing using mice with a sequenced genome. We saw the amount of care and data logging required to ensure the health of all the mice, who were in altitude chambers to research the effect of low oxygen levels on organisms.

During lunch, we were given the chance to talk to the Admissions Officer for Medicine at Oxford, which was very insightful and gave us a better understanding of the Oxbridge admissions process. Our afternoon was spent in the lab learning lab techniques, such a histology and pipetting as well as creating cell cultures, and familiarising ourselves with the lab equipment in both the biology and chemistry labs. The focus was mainly on in vitro testing. Being in the midst of the PhD students gave us a real flavour of the research world and how exciting it can be!

Ela, Year 12