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World Philosophy Day

This year, the RPE department took World Philosophy Day to the next level with a week of activities. On Monday 18 November, Year 8 and 9 were treated to a philosophy workshop where they examined and discussed questions such as: 'What makes a fair country?',  'What principles should affect where government spends its money?' and 'When does life begin?'.

On Thursday 21 November the RPE Department filled the Main Hall with an assortment of thought-provoking activities, as well as the opportunity to have a photo shoot with your favourite philosophers - the photos will soon be up on the RPE noticeboard with a link to where you can find them. There were a series of fascinating thought experiments and simulations, set up to immerse students in hypothetical ethical scenarios, to make decisions that philosophers have been debating for centuries, such as the well-known Schrödinger's cat paradox and ‘trolley problem’. Students from all year groups came together to debate the value of human life, the complications of right and wrong and many other moral issues. 

The activities encouraged everyone to discuss and deliberate a range of challenging questions and to celebrate diversity of opinion, which is a significant message that World Philosophy Day aims to inspire and is important to promote, especially in our current state of global division. The day was a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge this, and a chance to take a selfie with Socrates as well!

Nikhita, Year 12