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Year 8 Opera Day

On Tuesday 5 November, Year 8 had the privilege to spend the day doing an opera workshop on La Boheme, an Italian opera by Puccini, led by two esteemed directors, two choir masters, and two very talented pianists. They explained to us that by the end of the day their aim for us was to be able to sing and act in a professional manor with an air of confidence, and yet to have fun whilst working hard.

With that in mind, Year 8 split into two groups and spent the morning and some of the afternoon in these groups exploring songs from La Boheme and developing opera and theatre techniques. At the end of the day, Year 8 were brought back together, and we performed to each other using the knowledge that our teachers had given us. Lastly, after the performances, we had the opportunity to praise and critique each other’s performances, and personally I feel that this is a very important aspect of performing. 

Overall, the Opera Day was a fantastic experience for everyone. From clapping games to grieving over deaths, it broadened everyone’s knowledge and opinions on operas. Thank you so much to all of our directors and accompanists for making this day thrilling for everyone, and a huge thank you to our own music teachers for organising this event. 

Agatha, Year 8