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Thames Fishery Experiment

This weekend I was lucky enough to take part in the Thames Fishery Experiment, an event which has been running for an amazing 47 years.

The experiment was organised in order to measure how clean the water is in the Thames, and how it changes annually. We arrived early Saturday morning and set up our fishing rods by the bank, and then set to work catching the fish.

Since the experiment is to measure the amount of fish in the Thames, at this point all of the fish were safely returned to Thames (well, most fish were!). Our team worked incredibly hard and in the end caught 17 pouting and 2 eels, a crab and a prawn (the prawn was used as bait to catch a pouting). We beat the other team who only caught eight fish. I also won the trophy for the most fish caught by a single person, 13 pouting and an eel! Overall, the experience was really fun and I am eagerly awaiting next year. 

Emeline, Year 9