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The Future of the River Thames

Last Friday, a group of Year 12 and 13s were lucky enough to go on an educational boat tour of the Thames. Accompanied by Tideway, a company working to improve and upgrade London’s sewers, we set off on a journey to learn about the history of our plumbing system and the future of our river.

Throughout the boat ride we were given full commentary about all the amazing work they are doing in so many essential locations. Tideway aims to reduce waste in the river that is caused by sewage. They do this by building tunnels under the river that redistribute sewage contents so that there is a reduced chance of overflow. Their pipes are set to last for 125 years upon instalment so it is therefore a long-term engineering solution. 

A statistic that stood out to all of us was how invaluable their work seems to be; planning to increase the cleanliness of the river by 97%, improving life in the river and those centred around it (including us at City). The trip was a great insight into a type of engineering that few of us had considered before, and the complimentary reusable coffee cups were a welcomed bonus! Thank you to Miss Perkins and Tideway for organising this amazing opportunity for us!

Connie and Caitlin, Year 12