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City of London

School for girls

Year 5 African Workshop

On Monday 9 September, Year 5 had a workshop to learn more about African culture. 

First we made African masks that the Dan tribe used in battle and celebrations. We were only allowed to use certain colours because each has a different meaning. For example, red symbolises hatred and war, so red masks would be used in battle. Blue signifies innocence, so children would usually have a lot of blue on their masks and green means the earth and life.

White represents ancestors and ancestral spirits, so if you went to war your mask would have red as well as white for good luck. Gold symbolises wealth and money, so I put a lot of gold on my mask just in case. When the Dan tribe painted their masks they used the tip of the paintbrush to make little dots. They would also have lots of materials sticking out from the sides like feathers.

At the end of the workshop we did some African dancing and I loved it because it was very expressive and fun. When the music began and the drums started beating, my heart began pumping and my toes started tapping.

Izabela, Year 5