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Maths Relay Competition

On Tuesday, CLSG held a Year 8 Maths relay competition where 28 teams of four competed against each other and the clock to score as many points as possible. The competition not only included Maths but relied heavily on team tactics and even running, as the teams were split into pairs and had to race to get their questions marked by the sixth form volunteers. 

As part of the School’s commitment to the Outreach Programme we invited pupils from the City of London Academy (Shoreditch) to come and compete with City girls and it was wonderful to see how well both City girls and Shoreditch students worked together and how immersed they all became with the Maths at hand. It was terrific to see that maths is engaging young people outside of City as well. In fact the runner up team consisted of two Shoreditch boys and two City girls. Competition on the horizon!
A big congratulations to all the girls that took part on a sticky Monday afternoon at the end of demanding academic year. They threw themselves into the challenges that the competition posed and they might never have had so much fun doing Maths!
To build on this we are in the process of organising a mentoring scheme with Shoreditch where the Maths committee of CLSG, and other talented mathematicians will once a week offer support to both those that may be struggling in lessons and those that are striving beyond the class content. I am sure the outreach “City Peer Mentors” will be both enriching to the Shoreditch students and the Maths committee, and we can’t wait to get started.
Thanks to all involved with the event. We couldn’t have run it without you!

Claudia, Year 12