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European Youth Parliament National Finals

Last Thursday, we headed to Liverpool to take part in the European Youth Parliament (EYP) National Finals.

We arrived in good spirits despite the struggle to understand the Liverpudlian accents and were plunged into ‘teambuilding’ activities with our new committee members; this consisted of singing the ‘Moose Song’, making a ‘Love Train’ and balancing cups of water on each other’s heads. In the evening, we ate food from a plethora of European countries brought by committees; homemade stroopwafels brought by students from the Netherlands were a particular favourite amongst all delegates, as were the Sainsbury’s croissants we provided to represent French cuisine.

On Friday each of us worked with our separate committees to create resolutions focusing on topics ranging from media pluralism to urban agriculture to rights of sex workers in the EU. I was working on a resolution regarding the preservation of regional and minority languages, and in my committee we worked throughout the day to create a resolution, which consists of introductory clauses (essentially, problems surrounding the topic) and operative clauses (proposed solutions to these problems). On Saturday we had the opportunity to debate and vote for/against the various resolutions in General Assembly. After seven hours of fierce debating we were treated to a ‘Euroconcert Talent Show’ featuring notably varying levels of talent, followed an enthusiastic Scottish ‘Ceilidh’ dance. 
Sunday featured the final two debates followed by a session on opportunities to continue participating with EYP and travel across Europe with the organisation, then finally a very emotional closing ceremony. Overall, it was an intense but rewarding experience - one which I would definitely recommend it to future Year 12 students! 

Tabitha, Year 12