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Mission Committee Visit Street Child

On Friday 7 June, the 6th Form Mission Committee were invited to visit the Street Child London Office. We left school at 3:50pm and took the tube to Stockwell to meet the team and discuss fundraising plans for the next year. 

As soon as we arrived at the office, we were given a brief tour and met all the members of the Street Child team, not including those that were away hosting events in other countries. It was amazing to hear about how influential Street Child has been in many areas of different countries, with their work focusing on helping children in Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

During the meeting, we went through a Street Child presentation to gain a better understand of how exactly they are helping children. We then spoke about what we hope to achieve in terms of fundraising goals during our time as members of Mission. Katie and Andy, two members of the Street Child team, gave us some ideas about how to raise more money. We, as a Mission Team, then spoke about what events we currently have in place to raise money, such as the Sponsored Walk and various bake sales held throughout the year.

Overall, our trip to the Street Child office was extremely enjoyable and informative and we look forward to working more closely with their team!

Damilola, Year 12