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Year 8 Visit Stubbers Activity Centre

Yesterday, Year 8 travelled to Stubbers Activity Centre in Upminster for a day of fun team-building activities on land and water.

The students were split into groups of ten, as they worked together to solve a team challenge which saw them face a series of tasks that tested their wits and nerve. They then moved onto a raft building challenge, where they were tasked with constructing a sea-worthy raft from plastic barrels, logs and rope. The teams competed to build their rafts and paddle around the boating lake in the fastest time possible.

After taking a break for lunch, the students took part in an archery session, where they were asked to hit targets and complete a range of archery challenges and games. The day ended with an orienteering challenge, which saw each team set out to explore the wildest corners of the Stubbers site in search of a series of markers, each providing a clue to the next step of the search.

It was a wonderful way to celebrate the last few weeks of what has been a busy academic year for the girls.