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Chemistry Team Win Third Prize

On Wednesday 9 May, we set off early to Queen Mary University to take part in the Salters’ Institute Festival of Chemistry 2019. There were 18 other schools taking part in our competition, with 67 other festivals taking place across the country. Our first challenge of the day was the Salters’ Challenge which involved analysing powders to determine which matched the evidence from the suspect, and chromatography to test ink samples. We all tried our best and had lots of fun, although the challenge was tricky and the competition fierce.

After a quick break for lunch, we started the second challenge which was the University Challenge. We were instructed to find an antidote that would work for both bee and wasp venom. To find the correct antidote, we tested different substances using universal indicator. We then had the chance to watch some explosive chemistry demonstrated by one of the professors before the short prize giving ceremony. To our utter astonishment we had won third prize in the first challenge!

We would like to thank the chemistry department for organising the trip and to Mrs Hankinson for accompanying us. We had a great time and learnt a lot!

Maya, Meghan, Sophia and Astrid, Year 8