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City of London

School for girls

Outreach Day

On Friday 15 March, we took part in an outreach project with Year 7 students from both our school and Shoreditch Park Academy, in order to produce a piece of creative writing inspired by “Spring Pools” by Robert Frost. This allowed us to work with younger and older years, as there was a Year 11 student working with each group. This enabled us to incorporate our ideas well, even though we had not met each other before. We found it interesting to see how most of the Year 7s were initially shy and nervous, but then began to open up and discuss and negotiate their ideas with each other. 

Firstly, we analysed and annotated the poem in depth so that we could incorporate the ideas and techniques that Robert Frost used into our writing. We then decided on how we would go about constructing our final piece of writing; some groups started by talking and then each writing their own sentence and then putting them all together, while other groups decided to start straight away and write as a group. Finally, we handed in our pieces of creative writing, which were assessed by a panel of judges, and the winner was given a chocolate prize! The winning group was run by Edie and Nuala with Year 7 students from both schools. 

Overall, this was a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. We all felt more confident as a result and we would definitely all recommend it for future students.

Nuala, Anna, Sasha and Gracy, Year 9