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City of London

School for girls

City's Got Talent

On 20 March, during Raising and Giving Week, Mission hosted a Talent Show which displayed the incredible level of talent City holds. From the Whipped Cream Queens’ unique skills to Stella’s fantastic singing, the extensive range of City talent resulted in three winners.

In 3rd place came the amazing Bollywood dancers, Ishara and Tejal (Year 10).
2nd place was Shreya (Year 10), who played outstandingly on the piano.
Finally, in 1st place, was Nat J Hoops (Year 12) who displayed an insane talent of hula hooping to an unbelievable level, which she amazingly taught herself by watching YouTube.

That night, parents and students alike were wowed by the gifted pupils who participated in the show. A huge thank you to our hilarious hosts, Zara and Rosa (Year 11). We were also graced by the presence of our great judges Mr Codd, Seyi (Year 13), Natasha Muller (CLSG Friends) and Katie Walden (a representative from Street Child). Thank you to everyone who attended and helped raise £800.62 for Street Child. 

Haadia, Year 10