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FinTech Event

On Tuesday 5 March, we partnered with Innovate Finance, the UK's FinTech industry association, to create a FinTech careers event for students.

FinTech, short for financial technology, is a new industry which blends elements of technology into finance to create a more user-accessible experience, with examples being money management apps, contactless card payments and so much more! Learning about this developing industry was such an enriching experience, especially as it directly influences our lives on a daily basis. We were also lucky enough to hear Economic Secretary to the Treasury, John Glen MP, speak on the importance of this industry, which was an interesting perspective from a political point of view.

After hearing various different pioneers of the FinTech industry speak, we were able to mingle with different representatives from FinTech companies on a more informal basis and delve more in depth into the various different avenues through which a career in this industry could take you. It was interesting to hear that many people in FinTech didn’t have backgrounds in coding or computer science!

Altogether, it was a really useful event which allowed us dip our toes into the magnificent pool of FinTech. Thank you to Innovate Finance and the Year 12 Careers Committee for organising it!
Lakshmi, Year 12