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City of London

School for girls

Street Child Mission Reps Workshop

On Wednesday 13 February, Andy, a representative of Street Child, kindly came in after school to present a workshop to the Mission Reps. He explained that as a charity, Street Child fundraise to support the education of the less fortunate children in many countries, including Sierra Leone, in Africa. I learnt that despite the 250,000 children that Street Child has supported, there are still 121 million children waiting for Street Child and waiting for an education.

In four groups, we worked as a team to develop as many ideas as possible for setting up a fundraising event that will take place during City’s upcoming raising and giving week. In pairs, we had to determine our income and expenditure for our event. We had to think of many original ideas to make profits. One of our ideas was to pay extra for your pet to come and do the sponsored walk, so family and friends will sponsor the pet. As a result, Street Child will get more money for the less fortunate children!

Andy explained that it only takes £30 to give a child a full year of education where they can go to the Street Child office and obtain all the supplies needed. It was really kind of Andy to come after school to present a workshop to us, and he has successfully raised awareness of how important education is to all children around the world. Street Child has expressed how all children need help and support to follow their dreams, and I hope that City can raise even more money for Street Child!

Lili Bi-Bi, Year 7