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Beasts & Beauties | Junior Drama Production

Since October 2018, the cast of Beasts and Beauties: Tales from Europe have been preparing for their performance, and we have finally had the opportunity to perform what we have been working on for such a long time.

We wanted to work in the style of Bertolt Brecht (breaking the fourth wall with brief interruptions to help to move the play along), and included the theatrical style of Jerzy Grotowski, minimizing the set and costume so that the audience were focused on the acting itself. We also wanted to include some Shakespeare - in this case we decided to use a prologue from Henry V. The epilogue was from Henry the VIII. 

We have enjoyed working on this play as none of us had worked in these different styles, and we all discovered alternative ways to act and use our voices. We also thoroughly enjoyed using an old fashioned 1980's overhead projector to project the titles of each scene, and for shadow puppetry by projecting the silhouette of a bird on to the wall, helping the audience to keep up with the Brechtian interruptions that occurred. The tech was operated by Astrid and Natalie, who did an amazing job on the lighting and made the play dramatic and thrilling. Big thanks to our director, Mr Whyld, for inspiring us to think outside the box. Thank you to Alice for keeping us on track and helping the cast and Mr Whyld. 

Ruby and Edie, Year 8