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Space Design team win regional finals

Congratulations to CLSG’s UK Space Design Team for winning the London regionals and making it to the National Finals in March 2019. 

On Saturday 1st December, a team of 11 CLSG students attended the London Regional Competition of the UK Space Competition at Imperial College London. The design brief was to design a settlement for 600 people on Jupiter’s moon, Europa.  The setting of the brief was 100 years into the future, meaning scientific advancements could be extrapolated.  The purpose of the settlement was to search for and research life under Europa’s icy surface.

Our team had been preparing for just this brief and were all geared up for their specialised areas in Automation, Structural, Human and Operations.  On the day, they joined two other schools to make a super team, ‘Spacebus Z’ and worked furiously from the 9:00am start through to their finish at 5:30pm where they were refuelled with pizza from Dominos.  After a short break, it was a tight squeeze for everyone into a lecture theatre for the presentations.  

Each team had 20 minutes to present their design brief and hope that they had met the ‘request for proposal’ as closely as possible.  Presentations had to be clear, presently swiftly, be based on scientific fact and financed based on the current value of the US dollar.  

After watching all the presentations, I felt we had a good chance.  The designs on CAD looked professional, rather than the pictures of hand-drawn sketches used on most of the presentations, the science was believable, the design simple and effective and answers to questions from the panel were logical.  

After a short recess, the judges decided that Spacebus Z were the outright winners, which means our team has made it through to the National Finals in March 2019.  Should they progress beyond the National Finals, there would be a chance of making through to the World Finals in Florida - just like Sophia did last year!

Mr Wilkinson, Head of Physics