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World Philosophy Day

Thursday 15 November marked World Philosophy Day 2018. This year, CLSG celebrated for the first time as the RPE department set up a philosophical photo booth on B floor. 

Students across all years posed with famous thinkers, from Immanuel Kant to Chidi from 'The Good Place'. Even Plato and Socrates managed to make appearances, transcending the limits of death to take part!

World Philosophy Day was first established by UNESCO in 2005 to celebrate philosophy as a discipline "working towards a better understanding of the world and promoting tolerance and peace”. In our current state of global division, it seems more important than ever to celebrate diversity of opinion and to encourage a more accepting society. World Philosophy day was a great opportunity to promote this message – and to take a selfie with Descartes in the process! 

In the spirit of World Philosophy Day, the RPE Department have also organised for two Philosophy researchers from Oxford University to visit us on 8 January to talk to students about their new project, ‘The Philosopher Queens’ (a publically-funded book covering at least 21 female philosophers often missed out of the curriculum). We can’t wait to hear from them!

Happy philosophizing everyone!

Tabby, Year 12