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City of London

School for girls

Year 7 Trip to The Dickens Museum

On Wednesday 31 October, class 7T visited the Dickens Museum. We were split into two groups and either went first on a tour of the house or took part in a workshop about A Christmas Carol.

During the workshop, we studied a handwritten draft from the novel and discussed it. We then had a chance to write with a quill pen like Charles Dickens. During the tour of the house, we saw his dining room set for dinner. We discovered that after a childhood of poverty, Dickens wanted to live the life of a gentleman. We also saw the bedrooms and dressing room, as well as the room his sister in law died in. There were some interesting first editions of his books and it was clear that he took his inspiration from his childhood and surroundings.

Going to the Dickens Museum had inspired us to write in his style and, as it was Halloween, we did some writing based on this. We were given some techniques we had to include as well as five words and then we worked in groups to create a story of less than 10 words. The idea was to read this out as a dramatic reading. Dickens sold many books and enjoyed performing his stories, hence our idea. With all of this in mind. we wrote and performed as well as listened. 

Elodie and Holly, Year 7