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Year 7 Challenge: Model United Nations

Last week, students took part in a Model United Nations conference as part of their first Year 7 challenge, designed to help them start thinking of themselves as global citizens and to teach them about the importance of international relationships between countries.

Each team of six students was allocated a small member country of the United Nations, including American Samoa, Andorra, Kiribasi and Paraguay and was given 40 minutes to research the demographics, history, languages and trading relationships of their country. They had 40 minutes to create a poster and prepare a one minute speech before being asked to send a spokesperson to speak on behalf of their delegates at the conference.

Despite the short time given to the task, and the fact that they were working in a group of students they did not know, everyone pulled together and showed excellent collaboration to get the job done. The spokespeople gave some very good speeches, despite some initial nervousness about speaking onstage in front of the rest of the year group, explaining just what their allocated country had to offer the rest of the world.

Particular credit should be given to Anna (7F), Theodora (7W) and Ceyda (7T) who gave really memorable and confident speeches, one of which included an introduction in a native language!

Mr Aldridge, Chemistry Teacher & International Coordinator