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City of London

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Ph8to Day 2018

On Thursday 11 October, the whole of Year 8 took part in a Photography Day. We started the day with a photography workshop with Katherine Leedale, who introduced us to the photography app, Thirty-Six.

The app simulates a film camera, meaning we couldn't immediately see our photographs. Taking inspiration from the art room around us, we focused on shadow. We then selected our favourite images and described our choices using artistic language.

Our next workshop was with Sophie Burrows, a charcoal animation artist. She showed us a photograph from the ‘London Lights’ exhibition, and talked about how the photographer had used a long shutter speed to show movement. We each took a range of images, from jumping in the swimming pool to walking up a hill. It was so interesting to see what goes into making 30 seconds of animation.

After that, we spoke to Sascha Balan about silhouettes, the contrast between black and white, and how this could be used to our advantage. We had so much fun cutting out puppets and using StopMotion to create videos. We ended the day with a trip to the Museum of London to see the ‘London Lights’ exhibition. There was such a wide range of photography, representing all areas of London. I particularly liked the work of Mitra Tabarzian, as I loved her use of tone and shadow. Overall, it was such a fun and fascinating day and all of Year 8 is so grateful to the Art Department for organising it.

Edith, Year 8