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City of London

School for girls

Life After City Talks

On Wednesday, students in the upper school heard from one of three visiting guest speakers. Three of our Year 12 students have written the following reports on the talks.

Helen Whittaker

We were very grateful to hear Helen Whittaker, of Barley Stained Glass Studios (pictured above, left), speak to us about her journey and career in Stained Glass. It was incredible to see the variety of commissions she has worked on over the years, from traditional Catholic windows to secular modern art, even in Westminster Abbey. She was wonderfully enthusiastic, giving positive messages about believing in yourself and persevering with what you love, coming from a frequently forgotten profession. It was lovely to have our eyes opened to other careers that many would not have considered, and to be shown that really you can succeed at anything if it is what you love.

Ellie, Year 12

Ella Rose

We were lucky enough to hear Ella Rose, National Director of the Jewish Labour Movement, give a speech to us on careers in politics, and give her view of the current climate of the Labour party. Her talk was eye-opening and informative, and we all were discussing the points she brought up afterwards. She described her involvement in several of her university societies and how that paved the way for her entrance into political activism. She also enlightened us on the antisemitism, and what she does to combat it. All in all, it was thoroughly fascinating and everyone was left with more and more questions, which she took time to answer, one by one.
Lakshmi, Year 12

Kathryn Knight

Kathryn Knight is the CEO of Tido Music, an online platform and app that provides sheet music and tools for musicians. She described her journey as a musician, having studied at Oxford University, and gave us an insight into what her work has involved up until now, such as presenting Tido with Chinese pianist Lang Lang in Beijing. Her passion and devotion to music was inspiring, and it was a privilege to receive advice and hear from a successful female CEO, who helped bring light to the many careers within the music industry.
Claire, Year 12