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City of London

School for girls

Year 8 Architecture Challenge

On Tuesday, all students in Year 8 took part in an Architecture Workshop led by Shoreditch based Architects, Waugh & Thistleton.  They were encouraged to re-think the traditional ways of living and address the current age’s biggest challenge: the pressing need for affordable, space saving housing. Students Mia, Matilda and Alexandra have written this report.

The workshop started with a discussion about a building that had been constructed using less concrete than usual, which decreased the amount of CO2 emissions. We then met the architect behind the new Victoria and Albert Museum Pavilion. She told us how she had designed the building and all the materials which were used in its construction. Afterwards, we were given pieces of laser cut cardboard and pots of glue, and were asked to make mini versions of the maze and pavilion. We really enjoyed this activity and have learnt all about architecture.