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Year 9 Fashion Show

At the end of last term, Year 9 presented their fashion show. The main focus of the fashion show was on sustainability and displaying leadership and teamwork abilities within a group. Each group had a topic: the theme was endangered environments. 9C had the topic of rainforests, 9L the desert, 9S polar regions and 9G coral reefs.

The teams each had about four weeks to create a brand and lookbook, come up with an entertainment interval, design the stage props and, of course, the outfits. Each class had minimal adult assistance and had to find creative solutions to any problems that arose. After a long, sustainable design process and a lot of effort put in by the year, eventually the day arrived for every team to show off their hard work. Each team started off their fashion show with a presentation/pitch and then showed off the dresses. The outfits were all incredible in their own right and left the judges blown away at the girls’ creativity. 

Four or five girls from each class were awarded individual certificates from the following categories: Best Team Player, Best Creative Input, Unsung Hero and Best Overall Contribution. These certificates were awarded based on the girls’ own votes. The judges also had a difficult decision to make but in the end they announced that 9S had the Best Presentation, 9C had the Best Display Board and 9G had the Best Branding and Marketing. 9L had the Best Catwalk and Best Collection, as well as winning overall. All the girls made fantastic contributions and despite hiccups, they persevered. The night went fabulously for all attending.

Selina, Year 10