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Year 7 Trip to the Greenwich Observatory

On Friday 2nd February, Year 7 undertook a trip through space and time to explore the universe from the Royal Greenwich Observatory. The students had four sessions at the Observatory.

A careers masterclass explored a range of careers in physics, and the qualifications needed to undertake those careers. The Exoplanets workshop was exciting and students had the opportunity to learn about exoplanets in our galaxy, how they were detected, and then experimented to detect their own model exoplanet. They looked at real measurements taken by the Kepler spacecraft to measure how long a year lasted on some of the exoplanets found in our galaxy. The students discovered that it was unlikely we would be able to live on these exoplanets.
The most popular part of the trip was the visit to the planetarium, when the students travelled through space and time to explore our solar system and the universe. They also had the opportunity to ask anastronomer questions and learned that we do not need to worry if our galaxy ‘collides’ with our neighbouring galaxy, the Andromeda Galaxy, as most of the galaxy is made up of space so it is unlikely that much will collide.