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City of London

School for girls

Upper One visit Bank of England

On 29 March, Upper One visited the Bank of England with Mrs Hall, Mrs Latimer and Mrs Leek.

After a 20 minute walk, we arrived at the Bank. It was so beautiful, there were sculptures dotted all around the walls. It was totally amazing! As we walked in, everyone had to get security checked. After, we were given some fun activity packs and were allowed to partner up, so I partnered up with my friend Alice. Soon we started wandering around the grand museum and answering the questions in the activity pack. 

The activity pack was like a map to finding all the fun things in the Bank of England, like trying to hold a bar of gold that weighed 13kg and playing games. All of us learnt something new: that the value of gold changes every day! Upper One also found out that the Bank of England wasn’t originally built in Threadneedle Street. We also found out that there are many protections on notes including holograms, raised prints, watermarks, and lots more!

Thank you Mrs Leek, Mrs Latimer and Mrs Hall for making time to go with us to the Bank of England.

Flavia, Upper One