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City of London

School for girls

Improving Self-Esteem

On the 6th October, CLSG was visited by two groups to come and talk to students about self esteem.

Dove Self Esteem Team

The Dove Self Esteem Team came in to speak to Year 8 about body confidence and the way media manipulate images to create unrealistic expectations of how people should look. There was opportunity for plenty of discussion and the facilitators were impressed by the insightful comments from our students. #GirlsUnstoppable


Parentzone came in to give a workshop to Year 10 students about social media and self-esteem. The students looked at how social media can give us a false sense of reality and discussed in groups strategies they could use to ensure that they were not overwhelmed by the expectation of being constantly "online". The case studies and video clips generated a good deal of debate and we hope that the girls came away having developed their understanding of how to be resilient in the online world.