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Conference: Classics & Modern Languages

Conference this week: Wed, October 12, 2016. 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM

We are hosting a conference with an aim of demonstrating the strong relationship between Classical Languages and Modern Languages. The conference’s speakers, all leaders in their respective fields, will examine Classical Languages and their linguistic influence on Modern Languages, and expressions and colloquialisms in our everyday language that derive from the work of Erasmus.

Professor James Clackson – Fellow and Director of Studies in Classics at Jesus College

Cambridge Dr Llewelyn Morgan – Fellow and Associate Professor of Classical Languages and Literature, Brasenose College, Oxford

Dr Rosanna Omitowoju – Fellow in Classics at King’s College, Cambridge


After the talks there will be the opportunity for Q&A. The audience is invited to pose any questions they may have, from etymology to how to make a strong application to Oxbridge. This is an invaluable opportunity for students applying for Classics at Oxbridge to meet the people who might be reading their applications!

This fantastic conference is this Wednesday.

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