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City of London

School for girls

2800 squatted, £1133 raised

I want you to stand up, sit down, and stand up again... 2800 times.
Sound like a challenge? This is exactly what the PE Department, and some pupils, parents, and staff committed to do in the month of February and have now successfully completed!

With two online sessions on weekdays and the lunchtime slot throughout half term, we ploughed our way through many variations of squats, from sumo, jumps and lunges to everyone’s favourite, the gorillas! Each week, the number of repetitions increased until the final day when we completed two sets of 50 in the morning session, and 100 reps at lunch, changing squats with every 10! Thank you so much to all who took on the challenge and to those who have donated to this amazing cause. We have raised an incredible £1133 for Children's Cancer Research.