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City of London

School for girls

The four Houses are Ward, Fleet, St Bride and Tudor.  All students and staff are allocated to a House when they arrive at the school.

Being a member of a House provides all students with the opportunity to participate in a larger and more representative group than a class or a team. The aim of the House system is to foster, through vertical integration, a greater sense of team spirit, cooperation, and cohesion in all students. Through the House system, positive relationships are formed across all year levels, providing seamless transitions throughout the school, and many friendships between older and younger girls are formed.

Inter-House Quiz, Art, Debating, Drama, Music and  Charity fundraising competitions, together with a number of sporting competitions, as well as other activities, are conducted throughout the year to add to the spirit of competition among the four Houses. Staff and students are continually encouraged to come up with new ideas.


Ward House has always been the House to beat.  Since the introduction of the House system eleven years ago Ward has won the House trophy six times. Ward has been consistently strong in almost every area of competition, excelling particularly in Drama and the Inter-House Quiz. The House thrives through a disciplined approach, with all Officers meeting weekly to discuss their strategies. Members of Ward tend to be extremely supportive of their officers and rightly proud of their House and its achievements. 


Tudor House prides itself on its intellectual strength: storming to victory in the House Quiz and House Debating competitions. 

Enthusiastic support from girls in Tudor ensures that fundraising for causes chosen by the House is always well supported. Creative assemblies have engaged students with a variety of interactive activities: the newspaper fashion show being most memorable! 


The House organized a raffle for the Langham Hotel and raised £489 for COSMIC. COSMIC is a London-based charity which supports the children of St Mary’s intensive care. The Charity Coordinators are also planning a bake sale for this half term. Fleet has also been excelling in Sports and did well in the recent Biathlon competition. There was also a combined effort across the year groups in putting together the House Drama, an event which was enjoyed by all involved.


St. Bride have worked with extreme house spirit this year and have been especially successful in raising money through bake-sales. The Captain two Deputies  have done a fantastic job enthusing the House in assemblies and in the lead up to activites.