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City of London

School for girls

The politics department aims to:

  • promote an understanding of UK and US Politics through discussion and evaluation of the two countries' political systems and by learning about the core political ideologies and concepts that underpin these systems.
  • provide students with the ability to communicate confidently about current political issues and to develop their own political opinions.
  • equip students with the skills to select, prioritise and analyse up-to-date evidence to produce logical and well-argued essays.
  • above all, to inspire students with a passion for the subject which is pursued outside of the classroom.


Politics is constantly changing, and this makes for lively and relevant lessons. Not only are students enthused by the subject because it allows them to make sense of the world around them, but because their directed wider reading allows them to contribute to the direction and content of the lessons. Election times create a particular buzz around the school; the whole school gets involved in mock elections and this is led by the experts studying politics in the sixth form.

As such, politics is a popular option at A level and a large number of students each year go on to read politics and related degrees at university.


Sixth form

This is a new subject for students, which aims to provide a clear understanding of the theories, motives and values that underpin the political process and governmental decision-making. Studying Politics provides you with the skills of evaluation, analysis, debate and argument. It is the perfect subject for the student with strong opinions or the student who wants to be better informed on the key issues of the day. Local, national and international political events help to shape the curriculum.


A level: Edexcel 


Students in both years attend conferences delivered by eminent politicians, academics and political theorists, on topics relevant to the A level course. Year 12 have the opportunities to visit Parliament during the first few weeks of their studies. We also invite a number of political figures to address the sixth form. Every year a group of students participates in the European Youth Parliament Competition and CLSG has several times won the national competitions, taking students Holland and Switzerland to participate in the international sessions. In 2020, students also won the Political Studies Association student video competition.

City has its own politics twitter account which students follow in order to fully engage with and discuss current affairs. 

In case you need any more convincing, here are some quotes from our outgoing year 13!

"Politics teaches about the world we’re living in. What could be more important as a foundation for the future?"

"I was worried about taking politics because I wasn't sure if I would know enough, but everyone is in the same boat and it ended up being my favourite subject."

Head of Department: Mr J Tomlinson