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City of London

School for girls

The Economics department aims to provide a learning experience that is topical, inspiring, stretching and enjoyable.


The CLSG Economics department works hard to ensure learning takes place in an environment which is both supportive and non-judgemental. Most lessons are discussion based and encourage students to develop an ability to develop their own opinions using economic theory with logical analysis.

Teachers use both current affairs and historical examples to introduce topics and to support students in their efforts to apply the theory to real life situations. In order to foster a knowledge and understanding of recent economic affairs, the department uses a wide variety of stimuli ranging from newspapers, magazines, lectures, current books, etc. Alongside teaching new concepts, the department endeavours to develop transferrable skills in students with a particular emphasis on argument construction and critical thinking.

There are weekly enrichment sessions for those Year 13 students who would like to explore the subject beyond A Level. These lessons include an exploration of the links with economics and other academic disciplines including ethics, psychology and politics.



The A level course provides a flexible framework for studying the concepts that underpin both microeconomics and macroeconomics. There is a degree of flexibility to see how these concepts have been applied in different geographical and historical contexts. Students are also exposed to the exciting new developments in the discipline such as behavioural economics and environmental economics.

The first two terms are mainly focused around learning new concepts and the associated vocabulary. This gives students the tools to then apply to different problems in both the UK and international contexts over the remainder of the course. Students sit external examinations at the end of the two year course.


A Level: Edexcel


The school makes use of its links with The City of London and the parent community to organise various speakers that have a great deal of relevance to economic students. Students have been attending the annual Tacitus Lecture at the Guildhall and participating in the follow up Tacitus Public Speaking Competition.

Y12 students are involved with organising the annual CLSG Economics conference where eminent speakers present their views on a topical issue in a Question Time style curated discussion with students from a number of different schools.

Commercial films are also integrated into the learning at regular intervals via an after school film club and discussions in the lunchtime enrichment sessions.

The external links below bring together interesting articles that students use to extend their understanding of the topics that they are studying.

"Economics has replaced my presuppositions with opinions that are grounded in reasoning and theory" Eliza

"Having lessons based around discussion and trying to gain a genuine understanding of how the world works in both theory and in practice makes Economics at A Level an enjoyable and useful subject to take. Anyone who takes an interest in trying to make the world a better place or has opinions on how to do so should definitely take this subject!" Isabel

Head of Department: Mr A Kanwar