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Work Experience | Parental responsibility email

If a placement planned is out of London or on dates which are not those specified then parents are able to take responsibility for their daughters by sending an email containing the following wording to the Head of Careers.

Dear Miss Perkins

I am writing to confirm that I accept full responsibility for my daughter (Daughter's name) whilst she is on this work experience placement, which I have arranged independently and is outside the school’s arrangements (in respect of dates and/or location*) and requirements. I agree that I will satisfy myself that the work environment in which my daughter will be placed will be safe and suitable.

I have read the school’s policy on work experience, which includes guidance in the form of enquiries that should be made of an employer, but appreciate that I do not need to complete the school's paperwork for work experience placements. I also accept that my daughter will not be visited by a member of staff whilst on placement and that the school will not be liable for any damages arising from or in consequence of the placement.

The details of my daughter’s placement are as follows:




(Parent name)

 * delete as appropriate