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City of London

School for girls


Pupils will be invited to City to sit a socially distanced, one-hour computer-based test, assessing numerical, verbal and non-verbal skills in the week starting 23 November. There are no practice materials available, but we would recommend looking at this familiarisation material:

Registered pupils who are coming from overseas may be able to sit their assessment exam at a select number of British Council office. We hope to confirm the specific offices as soon as possible. Please note, however, that we cannot guarantee this provision.

Covid-19 regulations permitting, we hope to meet and speak with parents at this point.


Pupils who have been successful in the assessment and for whom we have received an encouraging  school reference will be invited to City for an enhanced interview session in the week starting 18 January, where subject specialists will assess pupils’ aptitude and potential in Maths and English in more detail. We also hope to give pupils a taste of lessons at City and offer tours of the school. The session as a whole will be designed to give pupils a real sense of life at City and allow them to ask any questions, and we hope they enjoy their session here.

A remote interview plan will be implemented if it is not possible to welcome pupils onto the school site at this point.