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City of London

School for girls

The aim of the Mathematics Department is to enrich and enhance the experience of mathematics in many and various ways. To inspire confidence and encourage risk taking by building upon the natural ability and curiosity of our students.


Mathematics has a high profile at CLSG. Pupils are encouraged in their enthusiasm for mathematics and given every opportunity to flourish. They are encouraged to talk about mathematics and actively participate in their learning by taking part in UKMT National Mathematics Challenges, Mathematics Olympiads and the House Mathematics Challenge.

They are inspired by a dedicated team who are committed to providing excellent opportunities for learning and support to enable the pupil to realise her full potential.

We are delighted with the results the girls at CLSG achieve and the fact that over 50% of pupils continue to study mathematics in the Sixth Form is indicative of their success.


Years 7-9

In Year 7 the foundation is laid for the IGCSE course; the students follow a programme of study encompassing number, algebra, space and shape, and data handling. Techniques are developed and extended throughout these years. A range of practical activities support students learning and mental skills are routinely consolidated. Students also use ICT to assist their learning.

Years 10  and 11

In Years 10 and 11 students extend their concepts in numbers, algebra, space and shape, and data handling in preparation for Mathematics IGCSE which is examined at the end of Year 11. Girls in the top mathematics set or top two sets are also prepared for OCR Additional Mathematics, at the discretion of the head of department.

Sixth Form

In the Sixth Form the following courses are available:

Year 12

  • AS Mathematics (Public Examinations in June)
  • Further Mathematics (Public Examinations in June). Girls following the further Mathematics course will sit all their A - Level Mathematics examinations in Year 12

Year 13

  • A2 Mathematics (Public Examinations in January and June) for those girls wishing to continue their study of Mathematics beyond AS Level
  • Further Mathematics (Public Examinations inJune); this course develops the A2 course taken in Year 12 and leads to A - Level in Further Mathematics
  • AS Further Mathematics (Public Examination in June); this course is offered to girls taking A2 in Year 13 and leads to an additional AS Level qualification in Further Mathematics. This is a useful qualification for girls who have decided to apply for degree courses involving a sustantial mathematics component who did not follow the Further Mathematics course in Year 12
  • Oxbridge Support; for those girls who are applying to Oxford/Cambridge course requiring mathematics entrance papers or STEP. These classes also support BMAT.


IGCSE - Edexcel

A-Level - Edexcel

Additional Mathematics - OCR


  • Year 12 Mathematics students attended the annual Maths in Action Day at the London Institute of Education. This is an opportunity for them to see applications of Mathematics in a univerisity environment.
  • The Hans Woyda Mathematics team (by invitation) represents the school in competitions against other London schools.
  • The School has also participated in the Senior and Junior Challenge Competitions against other schools.
  • Year 7 have enjoyed the inter-form Frogs competition.
  • Year 7 and 8 had an exciting activity morning with Matt Parker investigating aspects of topology.
  • Year 7 have explored the mathematics of St Paul's Cathedral
  • Year 8 have visited the 'Gherkin'
  • Year 8 had an activity morning building 'Geodesic Domes'

3D Fractal Christmas Tree                                             Pi Cupcakes

“The Maths course is one of my hardest AS Levels but the challenge makes it quite enjoyable. Although some of the formulae and ideas can initially be hard to grasp, the teachers are excellent, always patient and willing to help you. We even have a Maths Clinic! The subject is very rewarding because once you have grasped a theory it is easy to remember and to use in future calculations.” Emily

"I have really enjoyed studying Maths and Further Maths at City. Maths is fun at A Level because you have difficult problems you can talk through with the class and you learn that maths is very applicable to the outside world. Small classes mean you get individual attention and know everyone well. Clinics after school can help if you are struggling and the teachers are friendly and supportive. Maths is a great skill to have in your repertoire and worth studying!" Elizabeth

Head of Department

Mr T Bateup