Approximately 20% of our current senior school girls receive some form of financial assistance to attend CLSG.

Is financial assistance available?

Yes –We are lucky to have a generous means-tested bursary fund to provide financial assistance to new pupils or, in some specific cases, to pupils already in the school. Means-tested bursaries may be awarded for entry at 11+ or 16+. Other bursaries and school prizes are awarded by benefactors of the school. A number of these are given to girls upon entrance to the Sixth Form to study specific subjects.

How much assistance would I be entitled to?

For all bursaries, contributions depend on combined parental income. If a family has a disposable income of less than £25,000 we would expect  to give an award of 100% of fees. If your disposable income is more than £25,000 but less than £50,000 you may be eligible for a Means-tested bursary of a lower value. Please refer to the document entitled 'Sample Scales' at the bottom of this page to see how much assistance you might be entitled to.

 How will you calculate my income?

The calculation we use to determine your disposable income will normally be as follows:

  • We take the total family income, from all sources, for the previous financial year, less main expenditure. This allows for  mortgage or rent payments, tax / NI, and some loan repayments (but not credit cards);
  • We take into consideration any family income from social security benefits, such as:
    • Income Support;
    • Unemployment Benefit / Job Seeker Allowance;
    • Retirement Pension;
    • Child Benefit;
    • Any other state benefit, pension or allowance.
  • Where applicable, we also look at considerable property equity over a threshold of £250K, and calculate a notional capital amount by applying an interest rate of 5%.
  • We also factor in an allowance amount of approximately one term’s fees for each additional child in full-time education.
  • You would be required to provide proof of all income and expenditure, such as P60’s/March payslips, Inland Revenue self-assessment documents, investment or property income, mortgage statements, council tax bills, and recent social security benefits documentation.

Please note: Should you be awarded a Means-tested Bursary, the level of award will be re-assessed every Summer term for the following academic year, and may be adjusted either up or down according to any change in your family circumstances.

Please also be aware that any additional costs above the basic tuition fee, such as trips, travel to school, lunches or uniform costs, are not covered by these awards.

 How do I apply for a bursary?

About a year before your daughter would be due to join us we will start the admissions process for her year group and at this point, all registered girls will need to submit a bursary application form (please refer to the documents at the bottom of this page to see a sample form and guidance notes).  

To make your application, you complete the form and send it back to us with your supporting documentation. Your daughter will sit exactly the same entrance examinations as non-bursary candidates and if we make her an offer, we will let you know at that point whether or not we are able to offer you any financial assistance and if so, how much.

 Are bursaries automatically awarded to candidates whose financial circumstances meet your criteria?

We are fortunate to have a generous bursary scheme, but the amount of funding we have available is limited and so unfortunately we are not always able to offer bursaries to every candidate who passes our academic entrance exams and whose bursary application meets our criteria. Bursaries are awarded in line with the candidates’ academic ranking after the admissions processes are completed. Therefore some bursary candidates may only be offered a standard fee paying place. If this is the case, the candidate will be placed on a bursary waiting list and offered assistance should any funding become available.

If you have questions or concerns about bursaries, please contact Robert Woodvine in the Finance Office (woodviner@clsg.org.uk).

  1. Application for Financial Assistance Example 2012 - 13
  2. Bursary Guidance Notes 13-14
  3. Sample Scales