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City of London

School for girls

A huge welcome to City,

 When we all started everyone had a few worries but we soon discovered the heart of City. There are so many opportunities and we all settled in extremely quickly. There were the typical worries of homework, travelling and making friends, but the second we started, we realised there was nothing to worry about. In the summer before you start everyone received a letter from their comforting buddies in the year above. They gave us plenty of advice and support about our upcoming time at City.

In Year 7, you do not get a huge amount of homework, and if you are struggling there will always be someone to help. However, we do recommend you get it done on the night it is given or it might begin to pile up. If you are worrying don’t forget there will always be someone feeling the same way as you!

At City there is a wonderful range of delicious foods in the dining room: from warm Panini’s to the most delicious cookies ever. There are a huge range of different sports so there will definitely be one that suits you: from netball to water polo or swimming to fencing and many more.

As we are situated in the heart of London, we are given a range of opportunities to see the real London, such as a trip to the Museum of London or a visit to Shakespeare's Globe. The facilities of the school are amazing complete with a swimming pool, huge labs and sport pitches.

We hope City is the right school for you and if you come that you enjoy your time here as a City girl.

Claudia Cilleruelo, Vanessa Coldstream, Angelica Austin, Ellie Soanes and Freyde Sayers, 7F